Saturday, July 28, 2012

Carbon Credit Investments - High Value in African credits

Ethical investing with carbon credits
Carbon credits are a great investment.  As we noted in our previous post, GreenWorld's carbon credit investment in Africa is very close to achieving official certification for its credits.  Once this occurs, early investors could easily see returns of 100pc within the year.  The African carbon credit investment is designed to protect unique tropical rain forest in West Africa, and it is about the most green and ethical investment in the socially responsible investing universe out there.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Carbon Credit Investment in Africa Nears Official Certification

Preserve rain forests
We have recently heard some good news regarding our carbon credit investment in Sierra Leone, Africa. The African carbon credit investment is in rain forest in Sierra Leone.  According to the partner who will actually handle the accreditation process, the credits are close to being approved under the Kyoto compliance regime.

The partner - a subsidiary of J.P. Morgan - is the leader in sourcing and developing Certified Emission Reduction (CER) projects credits through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) applied to emission reduction projects in developing countries which deliver real and measurable emission reductions.  Carbon credits are traded on an international environmental trading platforms.  On current projections, each hectare will produce 400 credits, which at the current price would be worth approximately £2,800.  Given that the investment cost per hectare is only £2,800, the possibility for returns over 100% exist.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Carbon Credit Investment in Australia

Invest in carbon credits in Australia with GreenWorld BVI
Australia has recently implemented the most unique carbon mitigation program in the world which is aimed at jump starting the carbon credits market in Australia.  This law involves a simple and direct tax on carbon emissions and involves an innovative use of carbon credits.  The Australian Government has put in place the unique ‘Carbon Farming Initiative’(CFI) as a major tool in driving the country toward a clean energy future, and in the process opened up a a wonderful opportunity for investors to obtain guaranteed returns.

This Australian regulatory structure allows smart investors – both institutional and individual - to receive guaranteed investment returns from their carbon credit investments under the Australian Government’s CFI structure for a minimum of the first three years of their investment due to the Government’s AUS$23 per ton floor price.  GreenWorld's Australian carbon credits investment is an excellent way to take advantage of the Australian Government's CFI program.  At the lowest possible projected prices, investors can expect to see a guaranteed return of at least 30% for the first three years.  In this age of great instability and uncertainty in the financial markets, a guaranteed 30% return is very impressive.  Please contact us at for more details. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Invest in Carbon Credits?

Carbon Credits - The Ultimate Green Investment
1)  Carbon credits are the most green and ethical of investments that you can make.  You can assist in removing substantial amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and completely offset your family's carbon footprint.
2)  From a bottom-line perspective, carbon credits can be extremely profitable investments.  GreenWorld, for example, offers one Australian carbon credits investment project that offers a guaranteed return of 30% over a two year period via a government-guaranteed buyback scheme offered by the Australian government.
3)  As an alternative investment, the returns from carbon credit investments are completely uncorrelated to the performance of financial assets such as global shares.  This kind of diversity allows you to ride out the bumpy ups and downs of a portfolio entirely in bonds or shares.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What are Carbon Credits?

Reduce your carbon footprint - Invest in carbon credits

In the  carbon emissions market, individuals and corporations purchase carbon credits so they can lower their carbon footprint, or the total amount of carbon emissions that result from their activities. Carbon offsets can limit the environmental damage caused by carbon emissions-producing activities like using electricity, driving a car or traveling by air.

Larger companies and other entities may be required by law to purchase carbon credits in order to emit greenhouse gases This 'compliance market' of carbon offsets is based on the sets a limit on the amount of pollution a company is allowed to emit within a period of time.  If the company stays under the limit, it can sell the remainder of its carbon credits to other companies.  The carbon trading market is growing very rapidly, and some observers believe it may become one of the largest investable markets in the world by 2020.

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